BPC Logo Project

BPC Logo Project

The Bicycle Pedestrian Committee [BPC] is a non-profit volunteer advocacy group formally recognized by the Mayor and the Village Trustees in the Village of Croton-on-Hudson. Croton-on-Hudson is a small suburban eastern shore Hudson River town with a population of about 7000, located in northern Westchester County about 45 miles from New York City. The BPC’s mission is “Connectivity Through Safer Access”, to make walking and bicycling safer for the community to get to school, for shopping, for commuting and for recreation without being at risk for accidents. We also promote bicycling and walking as a highly efficient forms of transportation to help keep the environment cleaner and to increase the fitness of our residents. The BPC has also helped to facilitate the purchase of bike posts for parking throughout the village:


There has been a significant increase of bicycle commuting in the last few years throughout the United States. Through partially funded Federal and NY State grants, there is work in the pipelines to make the roads directly accessing the Croton-Harmon station more efficient for motorized, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians. Local support for the Croton Point Avenue Project is mixed, but it will make the ride to the train station safer once the added traffic lights, road modifications, dedicated bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, improved lighting and signage are completed.

Growth of Bike Commuting

There are bike racks available at the train station parking lot with two unheralded bonuses: no $648. annual vehicle parking fee + a closer walking distance to the trains than for those driving their cars. In the photo below, the train tracks are in fact, right on the other side of the chain linked fence at the left:


The Croton terrain is hilly and most roads were developed many years ago making traditional bike lanes not possible. There simply is not enough real estate [road width] for both motorized and dedicated paths for non-motorized transportation. There was one section of highway where there was enough space, so dedicated bike lanes were added. There is a sidewalk alongside the grass buffer for pedestrians as well.


Sharrows are a “retro-fit” way to safely navigate bicycles in the travel lanes of narrower roads. The plan is for sharrows to be painted on what the BPC considers safe bike routes.


The ‘Sharrows Project’  introduces icons to the roadways to visually remind motorized vehicles that the roads are shared, and to be on the lookout for them. To be able to get sharrows painted on the roadways this we need the financial backing and moral support of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson. The BPC submits proposals to the Village Board of Trustees and the Mayor.  The ideas are presented and discussed, deliberated, then are reworked and a decision is made whether or not to move forward on what the BPC suggests.

This is the mission statement the BPC developed after several public workshops held to collect community input, concerns and ideas about bicycle / pedestrian and public safety, promotion and towards improving conditions for pedestrians using village roadways, shared bike lanes, sidewalks and crossings.

“To maintain and improve the quality of life and safety of those who walk, ride bicycles and rely on non-motorized means of travel in the Village and it’s immediate environs while preserving the organic network of Village roadways and historic Village sidewalk system, and to promote a long range plan for access improvements for commuters,shoppers, students and biking enthusiasts, both for the health and welfare of our citizens, workers and visitors, and for the environmental and economic health of our Village.”

In short: ” greater connectivity through safe access”

Some relevant links for bike ped lanes:

Early BPC Logo Attempts 

The Bicycle Pedestrian Committee did not have a logo. The BPC wants a bigger presence both for upcoming community improvements and for local events like EarthDay and BikeWeek where sustainable and recreational competitions occur. The BPC was looking for something that will show that they are a Village advocacy group supporting pedestrian and bicycling safety. There have been several traffic accidents, some serious injuries and chronic near misses, especially during the morning and evening rush hours to and from the MetroNorth Croton-Harmon train station. One of the BPC successes is the development and passage of the Village Master Plan in 2007. This multiple page document outlines what actions the Village must take to make the roads more bicycle pedestrian friendly, identifying the worst nodes and precincts where accident reports came from. The train station access was by far had the most complaints of aggressive motorists vying to get home after a stressful working day in the city. Through traffic studies and activating traffic engineers, the BPC helped to gain some Federal and State grants towards a $2.4 million project to improve the train station access which will include marked bike lanes with sharrows, crosswalks and sidewalks. Some essence of this should come across in the finished BPC logo. The first design drafts consisted of 30 pencil sketches which didn’t connect well enough conceptually although there were some interesting images that occurred. From the sketches, I next worked in Illustrator and below are some of examples of these explorations.


This felt too static, not dynamic. Keep going.


I began to incorporate the sharrows icon but these images seemed clunky but yielded some interesting shapes. Press on.



Some more work with negative shapes using script inside of sans serif and a serifed font for the ‘B’. Added some color. Thought that there was too much emphasis on the ‘b’. Not too much closer.


This group is using a font which resonants with the sharrow icon. Seems like I am going to stick with the sharrows icon for now.


This group is an exploration of the logo as a modification of the sharrows icon, inwardly pointing in a group. Looking a little better but still not there.


Thinking that the last version was too busy, this group is a simplification of the sharrows icon in similar colors and patterns.


Using various perspectives of the sharrows icon I found that by twisting it it started to resemble a simplified shape of Village of Croton-on-Hudson map.

 BPC Logo Final Development


The map of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson is on the left, with a simplified tracing in green to the right of that. Early in the logo design process I was considering using the municipal shape as part of the logo, but didn’t see a way to integrate it at that point. Later on, I realized that by rotating and manipulating the ‘sharrows’ icon, which is a primary part of the Bicycle Pedestrian Committee’s purpose, it roughly resembles the shape of the Croton Village. So the sharrows symbol also becomes a geo-political locator.

Final Logo


To oversimplify, the finished logo is showing ‘sharrows in Croton’. That is to say motorized and non-motorized vehicles safely sharing the roads in Croton. When one is in a state of ‘sharing’, the environment naturally becomes safer because one’s effort is now focussed outside one’s bubble and is in closer touch with surrounding energies.

BPC Poster Project

Robert_Olsson_poster_07 Robert_Olsson_poster_5.16_flash

The Croton Bicycle Pedestrian Committee, a local bicycle/pedestrian advocacy group, wishes to promote greater sustainability and safer community access by adding sharrows to some streets and signage throughout the Village. Incorporating the new BPC logo, the poster is to bring public awareness to that mission. The copy of the original poster on the left reads:

According to a 2011 NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) report, there were 677 deaths and 48,000 injuries in bicycle/motor vehicle related accidents.

The basic physical principle of safe transportation is that objects cannot both occupy the same space simultaneously.

It’s so important to slow down and yield ample space between motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. New York State law requires a motor vehicle to first wait for it to be safe, and then allow a minimum of three feet clearance when overtaking a bicyclist until it’s safe to return to the travel lane. In Croton, sharrows are visual reminders that the road is shared by multi-modal transportation. The Croton Bicycle Pedestrian Committee supports initiatives that allow greater connectivity and safer access to pedestrians and cyclists. This brings a higher quality of life to our Croton-on-Hudson bicycle / pedestrian friendly community.

The poster on the right is converted into motion graphic in Flash for internet display.


BPC T-shirt Project


As part of the promotional/educational public awareness program, the BPC decided on having a t-shirt to get a conversation started and to get the community to ask questions about what sharrows are and how they will help cyclists and pedestrians on the thoroughfares around the Village. Note the small logo over the heart and picking up the same color in the back question, and the doubling of the sharrows icon as an embodiment and to emphasize the word itself.



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